About Avetalive

We help practices overcome the problem of a decrease in reimbursements and revenue.

  • Overview

    Most practices and providers started working with EHR systems to be compliant with Medicare requirements, such as MIPS. Over the years, integrated systems brought some efficiency to the practice workflow, but the unintended consequence was that it slowed the providers down, reduced productivity, and even decreased the number of patients they could see during the day. To keep seeing the same number of patients, many providers spent hours on the computer trying to finish their clinical note charting.

    Compounding this problem was a decrease in reimbursements and revenue in many instances. It's also never easy to have loyal and efficient employees leave - employees who are good at everything, including technology. When this happens, not only do they leave a void in the practice, new employees will need to be trained and brought up to speed on EHR systems, which can be a big challenge.

  • Our Goal

    Our goal is to transform your practice to become profitable. This is a lofty goal, but we've worked with so many practices, bringing about a total transformation and profitability. We are fully HIPAA compliant for handling PHI and patient records.

Why Avetalive

We provide 100% assured revenue, 0% Rejections, No Write-offs. Money-Back Guarantee Ask about Signup Bonus. Chat below.

Manual Eligibility Check - Zero Rejections

We check patient insurance by calling insurance companies to verify patient demographics, policy end date, and coverage limit.

Pre-Auth on every Visit - Zero Rejections

We will get pre-authorization for your patients visits and procedures.

Weekly or Monthly Meeting - Zero Write-offs

We meet with you weekly, monthly, or quarterly to review performance reports and revenue cycle.

Avoid Denials

We invest time to understand root of a problem - prevent rejection and denials in future.

Statement to Patient

We send the final cost to a patient with billing invoice.

Claim Follow-up - Zero Write-offs

All unpaid claims aggressively pursued daily. Dispute and fight improper denials and slow payments.

Payment Posting

We reconcile deposits by reading EOBs/ERAs accurately, transfer patient balances, upload EOBs in billing software etc.

Payer and Procedure analysis

We assist with payer coordination on patient intake pertaining to coverage eligibility and claims reimbursement.

Staff education for patient responsibility

Patient check-in best practices training and general revenue cycle management process.


We help your business analyze, optimize, and manage your revenue cycle to increase productivity and revenue by the following:

  • Check continuous deductibles.
  • 100% chart review for coding accuracy.
  • Check retro authorization and referral during eligibility.
  • If applicable – workers comp/no-fault billing, DME billing.
  • No–show billing if desired
  • Incoming patient calls re. billing
  • Analyze your existing practice and business workflow, as well as employee competence.
  • Help providers finish clinical charts on time, so they can leave earlier.
  • Increase your bottom line by cutting unnecessary costs and help with increasing collections.
  • Analyze your existing system to determine if it needs tweaking or replacing.
  • Help select, implement, and manage Practice Management and EHR systems that match your practice needs.


See what people say about us. We are eternally grateful to those who have been good enough to recommend us.


Here are a few answers to our most common questions down below. If you can’t find a proper answer, drop us a question on email.

We guarantee:

  • 0% Rejections
  • Zero – write-offs without clearing with practice.

If the above is defaulted, we will refund 15 days of our Fees for the current month.

Very straightforward Guarantee, no legal mumbo-jumbo.

Any claims which remain unpaid for various reasons. These claims are routinely followed up on a monthly basis. The reasons for rejections include:

  • Authorization Issues
  • Referral Issues
  • Medical Necessity and Medical Records requests
  • Non-Participation with Insurance Network
  • Terminated Insurance
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Wrong Diagnosis
  • Inclusive Procedures
  • Partial Payments
  • Out-of-network claim status and deductibles
  • EDI Rejections
  • Letter of Protection from Attorney cases
  • No status and No claim on File
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • PIP case

Claims are followed up systematically and quickly. Claim follow-up is handled utilizing our electronic clearinghouse, insurance websites and direct contact via telephone. We diligently pursue the claims for maximum reimbursement and appeal the denials.

All unpaid claims are aggressively pursued daily. We are good at getting through to the insurance companies to dispute improper denials and slow payments.

Denials and rejections are always handled by an appeal. Once the denial is evaluated, we utilize the appeal process to handle incorrect claim denials. Claims are never written off without being appealed first, and without practice approval. We guarantee it!

Our process involves payment posting, deposit functions and reconciling posting activities with deposits. The payment posting process effects many other functions of the medical office and can have a major impact on patient satisfaction, efficiency, and overall financial performance.

  • Read EOBs/ ERAs accurately
  • Enter the payment details for each line item from EOBs accurately in the Billing Software
  • Transfer Patient balances
  • Create Deposit Batch on a daily basis
  • Review Auto posting
  • Upload EOBs in the Billing Software

We providing patients with the best possible customer service to answer their questions, interpret their EOBs, and work with their insurance companies to get their claims resolved. Our activities include:

  • Mailing statements for patients for Deductibles, Co-pays, Co-insurance, Non- Covered Services & COB updates
  • Setting up Payment plans for huge payments
  • Discuss “Courtesy” with patients that cannot afford payments
  • Sending friendly reminders of the payment owed
  • Use various Insurance company websites and internet payer portals to check on the status of outstanding claims
  • Automated Claims Follow-Up (IVR)
  • Insurance Company Representative – If necessary, calling a “live” Insurance company representative will give us a more detailed reason for claim denials when such information is not available from either websites or Automated phone systems.
  • Claim Correction and Re-submission done when required
  • Attach Additional Documentation if required
  • Appeal if Needed with Medical records or Proof of timely Filing
  • Bill patients for Deductibles, Co-pays, Co-insurance
  • Bill Secondary with Primary payer’s Payment information
  • In cases where partial payments are made, necessary investigation and analysis is initiated, after which corrective steps are taken.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Key Performance Indicators Report
  • Top Carrier/Insurance Analysis Report
  • Reports that Provide posting by Procedure codes/ Posting by Providers
  • Report on weekly & monthly basis

It’s natural to want to get a firm grip on how much revenue cycle management services will wind up costing your organization.

But keep in mind that each case will be different. The number of patients you serve, the number of different insurance providers you must deal with and the amount of patient encounters will vary to a wide degree from practice to practice. Which state you are doing business in will also affect the flow of revenue.

Ok – I did not give you what you were looking for right? 🙂 I guarantee you will be happy and your return on investment will be positive.